“Julie is such a radiant, nurturing, & gifted soul! ♥ Her connection to the Divine is so incredibly powerful & the messages she has provided me have given so much encouragement, direction, and healing on my life’s path. Each reading has helped me reconnect to a sense of my Divine purpose — her messages giving me the confidence and confirmation I need to continue to forge ahead on my journey. Julie’s presence has been a true blessing in my life in so many ways… the genuine love, care, tenderness, & heart centered support she brings in her readings is nothing short of a blessing in itself. I feel incredibly grateful that the Divine has brought her into my life to connect & give me the reassurance and guidance I need when I need it most… all I have to say is TRUST the nudge & know she will always come into your awareness at the PERFECT time!” ♥ — Jenna

“Julie’s unique abilities allowed her to perceive and uncover information that would have remained hidden or unnoticed by others. Her insights provided a deeper understanding of situations, enabling her to reveal details that would otherwise have been inaccessible or overlooked and help guide me in the right direction.

I’ve found that relying on Julie has significantly assisted me in making important life decisions. The guidance and information it provides have been invaluable in navigating complex choices.

I’m truly grateful for your support in my life. Your kindness and help have made a significant positive impact, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.”

Kim C.

“I’ve had lots of exposure to mediums via personal readings as well as being part of group sessions. I recently booked a one-hour appointment with Julie and found her to be authentic, kind, and empathetic. She covered a lot of material during my reading, including connection with four family members who’ve crossed over, an introduction to one of my guides, and information about my life’s purpose. In short, she covered LOTS of territory and it was quite specific. Julie has quickly become one of my all-time favorite mediums. She is easy to speak with and emits a high level of compassion as she shares information. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her and will be making appointments in the future.”

Joan S.

“My visit with Julie was absolutely amazing. She knew and felt parts of me that I didn’t even know myself. And what that did for me was to give me a clarity that I have been searching for my entire life. And I do believe that with that clarity about myself has given me some beautiful gifts of peace in not only who I am but why I do the things I do. Julie is an angelic soul with an amazing gift – thank you for showing me the way in my journey!”

Ruby R.

“I have had several readings with Julie and she is spot on! I love that she opens the reading with a prayer to ensure only the good light comes through. I love that Julies makes a point to protect me and only gives me information from the light.

Her readings are very accurate, she predicted my job, how I would get it and the pay I’d receive a full year in advance!

I have introduced Julie to my friends and they all say the same about how great their call with her. She really is gifted and has a way of bringing in understanding to hard things. She means well for all of her clients and works to heal those who have loss or are in need of comfort. She is a gift!”


“This Angel came to my spa and changed my way of thinking and manifesting! Julie is so sweet and so spot on with her work. I never met anyone who does this line of work with such a big heart and truly cares about you! Her talking to you will confirm what exactly you need to do in your life and as well as what can possibly happen.
Julie is the BEST!!”


“I was referred to Julie in June 2022 from a close friend of mine. I am a believer in tarot card readers, some that are great at predicting current and future events and experiences. I believe that there plenty of gifted physics. My friend, who referred me to Julie, had made some really positive changes in her life and indicated it was because of Julie’s support and help using her gift.

So, after coming back from a trip, I sent Julie a text. She agreed to talk with me. She asked me to send pictures of people to include a photo of myself. This is part of her process to vision the person by facial expression and energy by using the photos. This allows Julie to give you a better reading and even can crossover to friends and loved ones that have passed away. During my first initial session with Julie, I shared with her about my friend Lorenzo who passed away and shared my personal challenges about my divorce.

Julie provided answers about my friend Lorenzo, that he was alright and that he was proud of me and happy with the life that he lived changing the lives of those around him. That was very comforting to hear that from Julie. To think she was able to share things with me about my friend Lorenzo that I had not shared with her was amazing.

One thing I can say is, Julie will let you know if you’re not on track and if you are not doing the right thing. Some with similar gifts, like Julie, will not tell you what they believe you should do; they just give you a reading. Last, Julie during that first reading told me about my ex-wife and confirmed what I had felt for years about my marriage to my ex-wife. This includes the deep emotional feelings of my kids and how they felt, though my kids may not express it.

I can say, after knowing Julie and having several sessions after my initial session with her in 2022. She is on target, on point, and uses her gifts for the everyday person who may need answers to unanswered questions or confirmation on how to deal with a personal problem or how to deal with life. What’s really funny is, every time something has happened that she told me may happen. I would notify her. Why! When you have a gift like Julie’s gift, confirmation and affirmation are perhaps the most important substance to provide back to the very person that helped you and supported you.

Julie is a phenomenal person and truly pours her heart and soul with the use of her spiritual gift. I would HIGHLY recommend Julie to anyone that believes in spiritual healing and a light to guide. I will put it like this in Gensis Chapter 1; in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the deep, God said let there be light and there was light.” Julie is the LIGHT!”

Terence B.

“Julie is incredible! Not only have I had several readings with her for a few years now, but she’s worked with my entire family. Julie helps you really get clarity and focus on the things you want guidance with. The amount of peace and care she brings to her readings is so reassuring. She truly cares about her clients and has become a dear friend — it’s amazing to see someone use her gifts for the good and wellbeing of others! I always feel more inspired and clear after our readings.”

Makenzie C.

“Julie Lowenstine is an angel on earth here to heal and inspire humanity. Her intuitive gifts channel through her to help others heal trauma, find inner peace, and connect with loved ones who have passed. Julie is the real deal. No hocus pocus. We are all from the same energy source and Julie has the keys to finding the right energy to share with her clients for their greater good. I speak from considerable personal experience. I experienced a major life changing event when my father passed and Julie helped me to process my severe pain and depression, converting that to the greatest blessing I enjoy every day being connected to my dad through our strong energetic spiritual connection. I was a skeptic to the “woo woo, other side” until this event happened. Through Julie’s masterful channeling and guidance, I learned to feel and hear not only my father, but the love and support of other spirit and the universal energy. That was almost 9 years ago. My life has never been the same since and I am now living a life of love, connection, inner peace, and joy. Thank you Julie. You are a beautiful person and I am so grateful for you.”

Larry G.

“Hello. My first session with Julie was over the phone during Covid. I felt very apprehensive but Julie was so easy to connect with and so engaging. She nailed so many questions and concerns I had. I saw her in person last summer. Again she was so engaging and warm and very right on. We’ve had a few phone sessions for we don’t live near each other. It’s been a wonderful experience.”


“You don’t have to believe, you can be a skeptic, but give yourself a chance to experience Julie. I received a lot of answers to many questions I had all my life! It was a great and beneficial time for me! However, mostly a sense of peace I now cherish! Thank you, Julie”


“Julie has a beautiful gift that she uses to help others for their greatest good, and I consider myself most fortunate to have had readings with her. Julie’s intuitive healing nature provided me with guidance and reassurance in my business, light in my personal life, and healing solutions for my dog.

After costly vet visits that showed no diagnosis or relief for my dog, Julie used her intuitive gift and was able to see the small spur that was ailing him. She told me how to eliminate the inflammation in his body (mostly through diet) and help him to heal to where he no longer feels pain.

This was only one small aspect of the reading! I highly, highly recommend speaking to Julie if you have any questions, thoughts, or uncertainties about your personal life, business, loved ones- humans or otherwise, or anything else. She will share tools and ideas that allow you to help yourself and be guided in the best direction. You will not be disappointed.”

Laura S.

“Julie was recommended to me by a friend, and being a bit of a psychic/medium connoisseur, I knew she was the real deal from the first time we spoke. I received lots of information and validation which brought me comfort and inspiration to keep going on the path I was forging. I have since spoken to Julie many times now, referred her to friends and gifted her to loved ones. Thank you Julie for sharing your gift with me!”

Terri A.

“I had the most wonderful experience with Julie. I left our session feeling more clear, confident, and got closure I didn’t know I needed. She gave me so much insight about my current situation and my life overall. I mean it when I say that she is one of the best.”

Dixie G.

“This was my first call a medium so I was a bit anxious. Julie is such a kind hearted person, and she took the time to explain the process and answer questions at the start of the call. I reached out to Julie because I was at a crossroads in my life. I was feeling unsettled and wanted make some big changes. I needed Julie to see if I was on the right path. She told me she saw something happening within the next six months. This did not even seem realistic with everything that would need to fall in to place, but she gave me specific direction on how to make this happen. I am now living the life I have always dreamed of. Several unforeseen changes came about to allow this, and it was in the timeline Julie predicted.

A completely unexpected visit came through before the call ended. Julie said my father came before her, and said down on his knees with roses lying before him. He told her to tell me he was way too young and irresponsible when I was born, and he wanted me to know he truly loved me. He told Julie that he thought my mom had something of his. He said it carried his energy, and he wanted me to have it. He then went on to describe what it looked like in detail. I had no idea what it was, so I called my mom. At first, she said she did not have anything of my fathers. So I continued to describe the details that were given to me. My mom said, “the only thing that sounds like this is my wedding ring.” I told her that could not be it, because he said it was something of his that had his energy. Then she went on to say, “well, his ring matches mine”!! This is a moment I will never forget. I did not have the privilege of having my father in my life, and I do not know a whole lot about him. My mom and dad were in their teens when they had me, and my dad was in a drowning accident when I was only 8 or 9 years old. My mom found the ring to give to me, and I have worn it ever since!


“I was referred to Julie from a friend and was astounded at the experience. Julie is an amazing psychic channeler who truly has a gift for humanity. I went in with questions but they were answered without me even having to ask them! She revealed to me my galactic family who sent me important messages and let me know they were watching out for me through many lifetimes. The details about past lives and even parallel lives really resonated with me and the synchronicities that occurred during the session were mind boggling! I was given information from my deceased parents that confirmed without a doubt it was them being channeled to me. Julie’s ability to discern who and what is being presented to her shows me she is extremely adept at listening to her guidance in what at times can be a cacophony of voices talking to her. I feel she is guided to bring out the most important messages to the client in that moment. I have no doubt whoever wants to have a mind blowing session should have a session with Julie! I feel very blessed to know her and to have been able to experience her sessions more than once. It was a life changing experience for me 💜.”


“Julie has a beautiful gift, which she willingly uses to help so many. I felt an immediate connection with her from the moment we began talking. I am at a crossroads in life and was looking for guidance on how to navigate this uncharted territory. Julie was able to give me insight into where I stand in several relationships, which was very powerful. The validation of my feelings has been such a boost to my confidence and personal growth! Julie also recommended supplements that I needed to improve my health and reduce stress, which I thought was just amazing! The session with her was eye opening and thought provoking – all delivered with such kindness and compassion. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and would highly recommend working with her, given the chance.”


“Julie has a genuine and generous gift of connection to loved ones who have passed. I have experienced true comfort and meaning from my sessions. I’ve also found guidance for my own life and answers to questions that may nag at me or elude my own understanding; it is amazing how things line up perfectly to put me on my life’s path in a new way that feels inspiring and directed. I love knowing I have so much spiritual support in my corner and I remember this when life gets difficult or messy. I have had sessions where I am moved to tears and in the next moment I am laughing out loud. I always leave a session with Julie feeling capable, loved and supported. I’m so grateful I found this gifted woman who assists me to become a better version of myself and more connected to Source. I have recommended Julie to many of my family and friends who have all benefited in beautiful ways from meeting with her. I plan to continue sharing her gift with those I love now and in the future.”

Heather B.

“My session with Julie was nothing short of transformational. I’d lost my Mother very unexpectedly, 2 days before Christmas, and was struggling through intense grief and wondering if my Mother was at peace? I know she wasn’t ready to die at that time, and that she must’ve been shocked to have crossed over then. Without me sharing any details, Julie pinpointed my Mother immediately and precisely. The personal nuances to my Mother that only I could know, came through in clear detail from Julie. I had zero doubts that Julie was connecting with my Mother. By the time we wrapped the session, I felt so much pure love, support and peace from my Mother and around her passing, which Julie so beautifully provided. It was the first deep breath I’d taken in months, and from that day forward I was a “changed person”, and actually felt like I could start to live again. I’m indebted to Julie and her profound gifts. I can’t recommend Julie enough and without a doubt, I’ll be booking another session.”

Gwen K.

“My sessions with Julie have been truly remarkable. Her ability to communicate with spirit guides, angels and passed loved ones is uncanny, completely blew me away on our first call. Her accuracy with fine details is so impressive. Most importantly, her authenticity and pure heart always shines throughout the session!”

Deb M.

“Julie is definitely the real deal! I have been to many mediums during my lifetime, and Julie is one that I was most blown away by. She brought through my deceased friends and family, who all validated themselves by sharing information that only I would know. This info could never be looked up or searched on Google. Julie was so amazing! My reading truly helped me heal and made me 100% confident that love never dies. Thank you, Julie, for changing my life! I look forward to scheduling my next appointment with you.”


“Julie is an amazing and beautiful soul. She helped me understand my life’s journey. When you meet someone that inspires, teaches and encourages you, it’s truly a blessing. Thank you Julie for sharing your light with me and the people of the world.”


“Before meeting Julie, I was a skeptic. As a lifelong trauma survivor trust never came easily to me. However, nearly 2.5 transformative years later, I stand as a testament to the profound accuracy and depth of Julie’s abilities. There have been numerous instances where she has astounded me with exact dates, precise dollar amounts, and personal details that one could never have known otherwise.

Navigating through a particularly challenging period in my marriage, Julie was there. Her predictions, as uncanny as they seemed, unfolded just as she said, breathing excitement and optimism into my future. Her guidance wasn’t limited to personal matters alone. Julie illuminated the path in my career in the healing arts as a Breathwork Facilitator and Body Code Practitioner, and I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am today without her sage counsel.

Beyond the tangible, Julie bridged the connection between me and my spirit guides, offering insights into my past lives – revelations that deeply resonated with me. Through her, I’ve experienced immense healing and personal growth. Words can’t capture the depth of gratitude I feel, but I can say that I owe an immeasurable amount to Julie. She is nothing short of a blessing to this world. Yet, as invaluable as she is, I don’t share Julie’s contact with just anyone. She is a gem, and her gift is precious. I reserve her recommendation only for those who I believe would be an energetic match for her unique abilities. And without fail, everyone I’ve introduced to Julie has been left just as in awe and thankful as I am.

From the depths of my heart, thank you, Julie, for being a beautiful guiding light in my journey 💖”


“Julie was recommended to me by a friend, as I was really needing direction in my life. I could feel my mom on the other side had been guiding me a lot lately and I wanted some validation. I was so excited when Julie connected with my mom and brother on the other side. She communicated exactly what my mom would have said and also gave me accurate details about her life, as well as my brother’s passing. Julie has been a great help with questions about my life path and how to navigate my decisions. She does not sugar coat information and I appreciate that. She tells it as she sees it from Spirit. Julie is so gifted and I appreciate her guidance! Thank you Julie! You have helped me so much and I continue to recommend you to people!”


“If you have ever been counseled by another medium, after your first appointment with Julie, you’ll know there is no one else that you will want to talk to. Julie is warm and personable. She will give you messages your guides want you to know. Your deceased loved ones come to her with accuracy, to deliver right on important messages that they may have been neglectful to impart to you when they were still alive, or someone may just pop in to say “hello”. We all have business with personal love gone wrong connected to a loved one on the other side, or a frenemy on this side of the veil. She also can tune into health issues you or a loved one may be experiencing. Julie has received a beautiful gift to serve those who seek it.”


“I met Julie three years ago when my husband was in the hospital with covid. He was on a ventilator and fighting for his life. Julie had the ability to channel and help me through the agonizing process of losing him. She was able, through her unique gift to let me know what he was going through. He ultimately passed away and Julie helped me prepare for his passing.

Since he has passed, she has contacted him many times and I’ve been able to talk to him through her. This has given me great peace. I know it is my husband that I’m talking to because Julie is channeling him and that is how we communicate.
She has told me things that only me and my husband would know. It has given me peace to know he is happy in heaven.

Speaking with Julie is like talking to a friend. She is kind, funny and real. She is able to speak and channel the departed. I have deep respect for Julie. She has comforted me and helped me come to terms with my husband’s death. She is my gifted friend. I also have not personally met her but consider her a close friend.”


“I want to express my admiration for the special gift Julie has. She has done extensive readings for me personally, and with me and my business partner together. Every single thing she has said has been spot on. At times I have had the feeling she could see through me without having a face to face conversation.
She is gentle and kind with her words. I have received so much good insight and suggestions on how to move forward with my personal and business life transitions. Since I started to implement these things they are shifting big time! Once in a while I listen back to her readings and I’m amazed how everything turned out the way she told me it would be. I’m utterly grateful and I wholeheartedly recommend her work! Thank you so much! Much Love”

Judit K.

“If you have ever been counseled by another medium, after your first appointment with Julie, you’ll know there is no one else that you will want to talk to. Julie is warm and personable. She will give you messages your guides want you to know.

Your deceased loved ones come to her with accuracy, to deliver right on important messages that they may have been neglectful to impart to you when they were still alive, or someone may just pop in to say “hello”.

We all have business with personal love gone wrong connected to a loved one on the other side, or a frenemy on this side of the veil. She also can tune into health issues you or a loved one may be experiencing. Julie has received a beautiful gift to serve those who seek it.”


“Julie’s gift has completely transformed my life! I was given Julie’s information (which I believe was an act of God), during a pivotal time in my life 2019. I have continued to seek Julie’s guidance still to this present day 2020. Her accuracy is mind blowing. I have recommended Julie to my friends, as well as my own mother, in which hearing what came of those readings really provided me with more confirmation that Julie’s gift is amazing. I was blown away listening to Julie give a reading to my mother. Julie doesn’t just give messages from the other side; she works to give you every tool resource, guidance, etc. to transform your life in such a positive, healing way. I always end my readings feeling so empowered. In addition to Julie’s gift, her personality brings such a loving compassionate, nurturing aspect to each reading. She truly truly cares about you. For my personal testimonial, I came to Julie completely broken with zero strength and at a major crossroads in my life. Julie helped me get out of a very dark and scary place in my life. She empowered me with so much hope, tools that I needed, recommendations, etc. Julie would take the time to check in on me, offering support and love. Because of this, Julie has a special place in my heart.

I can honestly say that I’m in such an amazing place in my life right now; I have transformed! I would not have been able to do this if it wasn’t for Julie. Julie is my angel.”


“Before meeting Julie, I was told she was a very precious and sacred being.

My experience with her was one of brilliance, extremely insightful and sacred. I always feel very uplifted after speaking with her. She’s indeed very precious.”


“Julie has not only been a spiritual guide and counselor, she has given me direction when life has been very difficult. She has given me a clear path to focus on and her readings have been extremely accurate. I don’t know what I would do without her guidance with work, family and love.
Thank you Julie!


“Working with Julie has been invaluable to the growth of my company. I use the word working because when you understand what Julie does and how she does it, it can be such a powerful way or “tool” to support whatever it is you want to create and grow within your life.

Julie has such a clear and instantaneously detailed channel of knowledge that she easily shares. There’s an abundance of information as well, and incredibly specific including dates and locations. This allows you to generate next steps and create clear action plans coming out of the session with her!

Sometimes you consult with someone and they give a lot of information, but you’re not sure what to do with it. This is the exact opposite of working with Julie. There are multiple times through the session where Julie will share information she’s receiving and it aligns perfectly with what has been going on in your life.

Therefore, it helps you to make sense of what has been happening and what you’re in the middle of and how it all fits into a bigger picture. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have that kind of clarity. It’s not only information, but brings such peace and understanding. It has helped grow my faith and trust that all is happening for a greater reason knowing that I’m always being guided and supported.

My business partner and I take detailed notes, which we re-read many times over as well as recording the sessions which is also helpful to integrate. We had a reading with her 7 months ago when she predicted what literally just happened in a consult this morning. As things present themselves, I look back and see that is exactly what she has said in a previous reading. She packs so much into her sessions! She truly can channel like no other!! We have made some important decisions based in part on the information she provides, and it has only made our company flourish smartly and operate within a harmony and flow for what is meant for us.

We can’t thank Julie enough for being such an important part of growth and guidance of our company!!”

Tracy B.

“Julie is a super clear channel answering all my questions and more. She is so accurate, thoughtful and gracious in her delivery and so helpful not only giving a great reading but also great action items to take. For example, meditations to listen to, supplements to help bring me into balance, things to write down and keep track of and sayings to repeat to heal wounds with my ex-husband to be. Super helpful!! I really recommend working with her.”


Where to begin!? I met Julie in 2018. I signed up for a 30 minute reading with no expectations. I remember I had a tough time meeting REALLY GOOD MEDIUMS for years.. My friend who had passed away was the best medium I knew. I had little hope because of many unqualified “mediums” I met after my friend’s passing… and then BAM! Met Julie and she was SPOT ON!

I couldn’t believe it at the time and wished I had booked a longer reading! She was so wonderful, kind, compassionate, and I was able to connect with my loved ones. The answers were clear and direct and I had no doubts- she is the Best.

Since then, I have had numerous readings with Julie. Our sessions have given me so much useful information I was able to use in my life each time (I still sometimes refer back to my notes from the recordings for reference!)

Whether you want to connect with a loved one who has passed or get help from your guides with any current issues, Julie is your go-to person!!!

I am forever grateful for her and immensely appreciate the work she does.

She is warm, fun, down to earth, true, has a sense of humor, and you truly feel held in her space. In this life and line of work, it’s important to feel safe and held, and Julie surely will gift you these! She is a gem!

Thank you Julie for all that you do

Melissa P.