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I have worked extensively with well-known & established professional writers, executive producers, directors, casting directors, talent agents & actors, as well as with program researchers/historians & costume designers.

A channeled reading provides crucial information within all areas of the entertainment business:

  • Assisting actors/actresses through channeling information for projects you may be considering &/or people in the project you may have an opportunity to work with, important decisions & issues regarding many aspects of your acting journey, signing with agents/managers.
  • Aid in choosing talent for certain roles & projects.
  • Assisting writers using my mediumship abilities, to channel significant people (ie. famous people in history, well known mobsters, etc) who have passed away, telling their stories for the present day.
  • Channeling information to help writers tell their most powerful stories that will create the most impactful, successful & lucrative productions for today.
  • Plot lines, character building & interactions, story vision.
  • All other aspects of filming: budgeting, location selection & costume theme/design selections.

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