Past Life Exploration

When you explore past lives an unveiling occurs, as to why you have become the person you are today.

Past life experiences shape every aspect of our Earth life: Where we feel comfortable or adverse to living, what career choices we favor or enjoy, why certain family members we are inherently close to or not, friends that feel more like family than family members, spouses or lovers we choose and why, relationships with our children in which we favor certain aspects in each one..or the opposite.

No matter the relationship, there are karmic past life experiences playing out today. A reading explains many of the relationships you have had, the reasons for the relationship & the lessons we are to complete with one another within those relationships. There’s always free will of yourself & others, that have the ultimate control when working through these complexities within our relationships.

A past life reading often brings clarity to difficult decisions we face and how to best work through them from a karmic perspective.

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