About Julie

Julie A. Loewenstine is a psychic medium and medical intuitive who draws upon 40 years’ experience, a gifted family legacy and a medical background as a BSN, RN and an AS in Occupational Therapy.  As an internationally sought-after channel, Julie is known for her holistic healing practice and intuitive counsel.  Whether she is channeling for a family mourning a loved one or a Fortune 500 executive, Julie’s soul-mission is simple, “help people heal and understand what they might not otherwise know.”

At a young age, Julie’s grandmother recognized her abilities and passed down her tradition of compassionately helping others navigate through life.  Today as a clairsentient medium, Julie is an extremely clear channel receiving detailed messages, images and physical feelings from departed loved ones, guides, and angels.

Sessions with Julie are highly regarded for delving deeper than standard mediumship work.  Julie’s channeled messages empower her clients in many numerous and invaluable ways, from life path counsel, energetically helping to align the client’s body, mind, and soul and intuiting specific tools to help guide her clients into a better life.

Messages can range from past lives and soul purpose, to departed loved ones sharing advice, offering clarity, guidance and sometimes apologies.  As a clairsentient, Julie is able to feel what the client and their crossed over loved ones are experiencing. Bridging the shared emotions can be a priceless healing opportunity for everyone physically and spiritually involved.

As a medical intuitive, Julie facilitates profound healing sessions to sense and address physical problems in the body.  This uniquely powerful practice pulls from Julie’s innate gift, work as a Reiki Master and her background as a health professional (BSN, RN, Occupational Therapist).  Throughout her healing career, Julie has had the privilege to ease the burden of hospice patients, thus enabling them to pass in a peaceful and dignified manner.  Julie also has had a strong calling to aid families and friends in communicating with their dying, nonverbal loved ones, ultimately helping all parties to find closure during a painful and difficult time.

Throughout Julie’s healing career she has had the good fortune of nurturing a loyal clientele across the globe.  Clients range in age and background from teachers, medical doctors, Hollywood celebrities, renowned executives, global leaders, and more.  While Julie’s human following keeps her quite busy, she does reserve special time for communicating with animals.  Julie is able to feel, hear and see what animals are experiencing, and thus offer healing relief for both the animal and their human companion.

Over the years, clients have continued to call on Julie for her life-changing support. For many, Julie offers more than a direct channel to the Higher Power, she provides compassionate, empathetic, and judgment-free growth. The essence of Julie’s work is best summed up in her own words as she explains, “None of us can escape life’s rough roads, traumas, or deep pain. My goal is to help my clients heal, as I intuitively guide them onto a path of more understanding, self-confidence, and enlightenment.” – Julie Loewenstine