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Welcome to my very first posting for 2020! I want to thank all of you visiting and I look forward to sharing each month bits of wisdom, mentoring advice for all things spiritual and intuitive, uncanny life challenges and possible solutions and having some fun with all of it, as well!

With the ringing in of the New Year, comes a whole new 365 days we have the chance to create and become our goals and dreams. Resolutions are too strict, in my opinion, because we often set the bar so high for ourselves that it is nearly next to impossible to accomplish all of them, let alone one of them. This leads me to the point of all of us being way too hard on ourselves when setting our goals. There seems to be a very fine line between what we want to accomplish and what we can realistically accomplish and seeing it through.

I always tell my clients, when goal setting or facing overwhelming circumstances, to take one bite of the whale at a time and make whale sandwiches! For the obvious reason, that we cannot take on the whole whale at one time, right? Or the old analogy of eating the whole pie at one time vs small pieces.

Often, that’s what it takes to start the New Year or any goal-setting time of the year. List three major goals you would like to achieve by the end of 2020. Under each of the three goals, list five small steps it will take to accomplish that major goal. Start with the small steps and check them off the list as you accomplish them. Sometimes you may only achieve the small steps and not accomplish the end goal by years’ end… and, that is totally OK!

What is most important here is the ACTION of actually the doing, working toward what it is you want to achieve. Reward yourself with each small step accomplished and allow yourself to feel really good about it. It is the motivation in the action that keeps us going and working toward the end goal.

Believe you can accomplish this, and tamper down any chatter in your head when it pops up telling you otherwise!  We are our worst enemies most often and we need to learn to be our very own best friend.  Because after all, it is the ONLY relationship that counts first..the relationship with ourselves. If we cannot like who we are, we cannot like anyone else.

It is in being our own best friend that gives us the confidence and motivation to achieve our goals and dreams. If we write down the goal, see it, feel it, and believe it with all of our being, we cannot help but achieve great accomplishments.


  1. I am all that I can be, feel and me Guides & Angels to be the best I can be
  2. Universal Source of Everything, helps me recognize my strengths and let go of anything that does not serve my highest, greatest good..I give such thanks and gratitude…

    Crystal of the Month: 
    Red Jasper

    General Meaning: A stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional dominance from others and the courage to overcome any emotional, physical or spiritual resistance in achieving great joy and accomplishment in our lives. Supports you in strengthening your foundation so you feel strong enough to take on new ventures, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions.  A stone of protection.

    Spiritual Meaning

    Calming stone: Helps keep us grounded from the Root Chakra. It helps unify and heal all aspects of your life. Increases the amount of chi in your aura. Shields against negativity. 

    Happy New Year… Let us grow and prosper together!
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